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Buy a car driver license in a thrifty way

Do you want to be able to operate a car at any time? Don’t feel like footing the bill for driving school preparation and applications? Become a more frugal version of yourself with Rapid Documentation. Our fake driver licenses for sale are fetching $1,000 per document, including a registration service to make your permit indistinguishable on and off the road.

This price is fixed and won’t soar amid the steep costs of driving lessons, hours of assisted vehicle operation, or exams. In other words, you won’t have to pay extra even if it’s getting more expensive to acquire a permit legally in your country.

Counterfeit driver’s license is a cheap investment into freedom

For the price, you get your fake driver license that fully serves its purpose. You can lean on it for:

  • Driving. Conquer the road in your electric car, hop into an RV, or rent a beefy SUV. You’ll obtain a driver’s license for sale that’s been registered to allow for unlimited uses. It will have no bizarre features on its front or back sides and will be added to the necessary database.
  • Age verification. Throw your license in whenever they doubt if you are of legal age. We can print any date of birth on the document so you can appear older or younger than you actually are. This can help bypass age restrictions in physical venues and when entering online websites.
  • Identity proof. Very few documents are as versatile as a real or fake driver’s license. With one, you can also authenticate your identity when asked for the appropriate documents. It will come in handy if you have no ID or want to avoid presenting it for inspections.

Such a 3-in-1 permit preserves its functions in all jurisdictions. Created by Rapid Documentation, it can also be internationally recognized.

Pay in cash

We understand this type of purchase requires confidentiality-first measures. That’s why we adopt the Cash on Delivery system so that you can avoid sharing credit card information or making transactions that can be tracked.

Here’s how it works:

  1. 1.You toss a permit into your cart at our fake driver license store.
  2. 2.You fill out a standard ordering form.
  3. 3.You receive a notification to know when your permit can be collected.
  4. 4.You check it and pay in cash.

We do not require upfront deposits for fake driver licenses for sale. Since 2014, Rapid Documentation has been reinforcing its reputation around premium documents – driving permits in particular – and establishing trust with our customers. We are 100% sure that our licenses hit the mark and have no flaws, so we only accept your money once you see the document with your own eyes.

The delivery service is confidential, too. Our customer support team will stay in touch with you after you buy a fake driver’s licence online and keep you informed about the collection date. With Rapid Documentation, you’ll always have someone to turn to for updates or other details.