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Snap up a real-like replica of a Japanese identity card (My Number) to turn Japan’s innovative identification system to your advantage. This ID epitomizes a leap forward in digitalized identification and versatility for residents, heralding a new era of ID technology. It will give you access to a myriad of physical and digital services by linking your biometric data with a unique 12-digit number. You can use it for administrative purposes, verifications, registrations, and other interactions with the government throughout Japan. The card comes with genuine security safeguards and an IC chip to boost its applicability in the country.



Unlock a world of convenience with Japan’s fake ID card

Obtaining the My Number Card is no walk in the park, but its benefits make the journey worthwhile for many. At Rapid Documentation, we can expedite it with a fake Japan ID card that mimics the genuine My Number piece for administrative processes and verification procedures.

We stand firm for each cardholder’s safety and absolute replication. While the process may seem daunting, rest assured that the thoroughness of our approach is always at the forefront so that you can apply your Japanese ID number with peace of mind.

Once you have the My Number Card, you get a legal means of enhancing your daily life in Japan. This optional ID has been adopted for more and more uses every year since it entered the local identification system in 2016. Primarily, you will want to carry it for:

  1. Receiving healthcare. Present your Japan ID card number to providers to streamline registration processes and access medical services. Your medical history, vaccination records, and insurance information are readily accessible.
  2. Online applications. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and lengthy sign-ins. With My Number, online applications for various services become a breeze. From banking transactions to government forms, enjoy expedited processing and enhanced convenience.
  3. Identity verification. Whether you’re conducting business or simply confirming your identity, the primary function of this document is as Japan’s national ID. It is created with card-reading properties and security elements for facial recognition to authenticate your identity.
  4. Emergencies. In times of crisis, every second counts. This card facilitates swift identification and access to emergency services during natural disasters or unforeseen events that occur in Japan. Its integration with the country’s disaster response systems ensures barrier-free coordination and assistance when needed.
  5. Transportation. Streamline your commute and travel experiences with Japan’s national identity card. It can be synced with public transportation services and transit systems to help you receive fare discounts and mobility assistance.

No effort-draining applications

Ready to hold a local ID card for a Japanese way of life? Don’t let the application process deter you. At Rapid Documentation, we specialize in crafting regular and innovative IDs while eliminating eligibility requirements for holders. Whether you are a resident or traveler, we can be of assistance.

To receive a Japanese ID number on a new card, adhere to our How to Order guide. You can pay in cash once My Number is delivered.