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Car drivers in Luxembourg must be 18 years or older and hold a valid driving permit (permis de conduire). AM and A1 category vehicles can be driven at the age of 16 with a valid licence. The licence must be carried on all journeys and must be presented to an official on demand. Copies are not accepted. Driver’s licences in Luxembourg are issued and managed by the Service des Permis de Conduire (SNCA).

Service des Permis de Conduire (SNCA).
At: 11, rue de Luxembourg, L-5230 Sandweiler
Tel: 35 72 14 -1
There are several main categories of driving licence (these are further divided into sub categories):

Category AM: Mopeds with a design speed of up to 45 Km/h
Category A1: Light motorcycles and mopeds with a power not exceeding 15 kW
Category A2: Motorcycles with a power not exceeding 35 kW
Category A: All motorcycles
Category B: Cars
Category BE: Cars with trailers of caravans of below 3,500 Kg in mass
Category C: Lorries/trucks and goods vehicles
Categories D-F: Buses and tractors
To qualify for any of these licences, a driver must pass two tests:

A theory test
A road/driving test
Driving practice can only begin once the theory test is successfully completed.

All driver training and preparation must be done through a registered driving school. An application for a driving licence (demande en obtention d’un permis de conduire or Antrag zur Erlangung eines Führerscheins) for any licence category is made when registering with the driving school that sends the signed application to the SNCT.

The following is required for application:

Medical certificate no more than three months old, provided by a licenced doctor
ID photograph
Certificate of residence (certificat de résidence) no more than one month old, issued by the town hall (commune)
Copy of the affidavit (extrait de casier judiciaire) issued by the police or from the country of origin if residency period in Luxembourg is under than five years
Tax stamp (Timbre de Chancellerie)
The driving school registration fee
To apply for a category AM or A1 driving licence for a moped or light motorbike, the driver must be at least 16 years of age. To apply for a category B car driving licence, the driver must be at least 18 years old. Application forms must be signed by a parent or guardian if the applicant is under 18.

Both theory and practical exams can be taken in English.

The theory course includes at least 12 one-hour lessons taught at the driving school (this can be reduced in certain circumstances). The applicant learns the Luxembourg Code de la Route (Highway code). Documents and tests are provided by the driving school, however, there are also sample tests available online.

Code de la Route (in French)
Learn how to prepare the theory test
Once the theory test is passed, practical training begins. This consists of a minimum of 16 hours driving with an instructor, followed by a one-hour long practical examination (the instructor is present).

A category B learner-driver may practice driving a car from the age of 17, if accompanied by a family member or friend who has had their category B licence over six years and does not have any penalties associated with it.

Full details on accompanied driving (Conduite accompagnée) (in French)
Once the learner has successfully completed the practical test, the licence is issued and the new driver leaves with their driving permit. This is a probationary licence, valid for two years. There are restrictions for probationary drivers and the legal alcohol limit is lower.

During this probationary period a new driver must take an obligatory driver training course at the Colmar-Berg driver training centre, the Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs (CFC). The tests may be taken in English (notify the centre when booking the appointment). The course must be taken within two years of acquiring the driving licence but no sooner than three months (or when the driver has at least 3,000 Km driving experience) after the first issue of the licence.

Further information from the CFC in English
Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs (CFC)
At: Colmar-Berg, between the N7/E420 and the A7
Tel: 85 82 85-1 (closed Mondays)
More information (in French) from the Luxembourg Citizens’ Portal
Exams may be taken as often as required, provided the registration fee is paid and a minimum of additional training lessons are taken.

Licences types belonging to A and B categories must be renewed every ten years until the holder reaches the age of 70. Between the ages of 70 and 79, the licence can be renewed for five years if the holder passes a medical examination upon renewal. After the age of 79, the licence must be renewed on a two year basis with a medical exam.

Holders of a category C, D or F licence must renew it every five years until the age of 70, providing they pass a medical examination. After the age of 70, the licence can be renewed for three years with a medical examination. C, D and F vehicles cannot be driven after the age of 75.

The following documents are required to renew a licence (art 78 code):

Medical certificate no more than three months old, provided by a licenced doctor
Recent ID photograph
More information on how to renew a licence (in French)

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